RSTMP is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Non-Profit Organization

Royal Society of Television and Motion Pictures (RSTMP) is a unit of Kolkata United Cine Community (KUCC) which is registered under West Bengal (India) Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961 No. S0005348 of 2019 – 2020.


RSTMP   is an international non-profit organization founded by the award-winning writers, directors, producers, artists and scholars from all over the world. The sole purpose of founding RSTMP is to promote the research and development about film, television and motion pictures in general, and study their impact on society. We aim collect and preserve the greatest cinematic works across the globe which reflects the moving image history and heritage of the world.


We present year-round programming that includes professional training programs, workshops, seminars, publication of research papers, premieres of new films from an international roster of established and emerging directors, major retrospectives, in-depth filmmaker talks, and high-profile events. As a non-profit educational and social welfare organization, RSTMP receives private funding and public membership. Besides providing academic training in film and television, we also take the initiative to utilize films as a weapon of the pedagogy of the oppressed as well as alternative media for people. Our Tour de Cinema initiative travels across several remote places of the country, on invitation from civil society groups, unions, and other democratic platforms, with films and social awareness videos.


We take the initiative to educate children and young adults through film, for which we travel across schools, neighbourhoods, and communities, screening films that invite our young friends to imagine, ponder, question and seek answers to things around them. We are also exploring the possibilities of building a functional web-based alternative media highlighting and amplifying voices of the working-class people and run by volunteers.

Our Visions & Missions

  • To promote and raise the height of cultural activities with an core objective to inspire, encourage and educate the talents to make them explore the optimum opportunities and potentialities to enrich people’s lives with entertainment with relevant messages for education and information.
  • To exhibit films on the underprivileged, refugees from across the borders, refugees of victims of Wars, Women empowerment, Human trafficking etc on such strong social awareness issues , also with the educational subjects as a part of our responsibility to the social development and reformation program .
  • To provide skilful training in all aspects of film making with conducting activities of research on the aesthetics of cinematic medium to extend the hand of support to the unemployed talented youths towards the possibility of suitable professional rehabilitation.
  • Organizing workshops on various aspects of cultural evolutions and progress with the presence of the artists, mentors from cross cultural geographical arenas with a space for debates and discussions.
  • Organizing Film Festivals to promote the art and culture of Cinema to raise the bar of cross cultural togetherness of enrichment of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Introduce Publications of the Magazines on the latest news of innovations , researches , progress and happenings on Cinema and Allied arts.
  • This Society to offer the fellowships and D’lits to the deserving candidates and leaders in country and on overseas on this specific industry who are having successful value added contribution to this industry.
  • To acquire, hold and dispose of the property for carrying out the activities of the organization.
  • Offer franchise to the suitable partner of relevant experience and expertise to carry out and to expand the activities of the society across the world.
  • To develop a first of its kind Film Archive which will preserve and show case the precious creations of such art of cinema of legendary film makers from across the Globe.
  • To do & perform any acts or things which shall be considered to be conducive for efficiently carrying out the objectives of the organization.