Come Outside | Narrative Feature – Review

Directed by Sheldon Woodson | Reviewed by Sabarno Sinha  As this piece of writing is a review of the film, I find it unnecessary to summarise the whole story which both the audience and the cast and crew of the film need not be told. Hence, I will directly jump to the aspects of the film which I deem fit to be discussed in this film. I think that Sheldon Woodson is...

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Category : Best Actor WINNER Enemy of the Heart (Film) Acted by Joseph Stanley United Kingdom - Category : Best Actress WINNER Remaining Acted by Jyoti Subhash India - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Enemy of the Heart (Film) Acted by Claryn Scott United Kingdom - Category : Best Director WINNER The Secret Weapon:  Yesterday IS Today Directed by Ken Sagoes United States - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 《Scent Camera》 Directed by Li Chenhao China - Remaining Directed by Yogesh Prabhakar Rajguru India - OFFICIAL SELECTION COBRA K.I.A. Directed by Ray Brady United Kingdom - Category : Best Editing WINNER COBRA K.I.A. Edited by Ray Brady United Kingdom - Category : Best Film Score – Soundtrack WINNER The...

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LIGHT YEARS | Screenplay Review

Written by JAROSLAW GOGOLIN | Reviewed by Anushka Dutta   The concept of “Light Years” is not something we have not encountered on the big screen earlier. But what makes it stand out is the thrill and mystery intertwined with the conceptualization of the plot. There is a sense of foreboding consistently throughout the progression of actions and the unfolding of events. A frightful agitation and terror always hang in the air, lucidly...

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