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Category : Animated Film WINNER Sam and Duke's Incredible Adventure in the Sky Directed by Tom S Taylor United States - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WAQT Directed by Shailesh Acharekar India - Category : Best Actor WINNER Visithiran Acted by R.K. Suresh India - Category : Best Director WINNER LONELY Directed by Melvin Pattern Japan - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD  Traditional Midwife Directed by Paul Edward Foulkes Japan - Category : Best Film Score – Soundtrack WINNER Life's Hourglass Film Scored by Clare Steffen United States - Category : British Short Film WINNER Theodore Thatcher's Encyclopedia for Birdwatching Directed by Mike Lloyd United Kingdom - Category : Comedy Short WINNER Morning Tea Directed by NIkhil...

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The State of Indian Mining

Directed by Sai Sar | Reviewed by Samiksha Periwal As the title very clearly suggests, ‘The State of Indian Mining’ is a short, mobile film presented in the form of a documentary that captures the process and the people involved in the mining industries of India. In this documentary, the filmmaker has touched upon tow different mines; the first being a mica mine situated in Nellore district and the second one...

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On December 3, 1930, Jean-Luc Godard was born to his parents on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva in France. When he was a student at the University of Paris, Godar made his first short film, Operation Beton (Operation Concrete), in 1954. This film represents the daily ups and downs of his life, in which the documentary-like film style or cinema verite (cinema truth) can be seen. This filmmaking style...

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