Curtis Worrall | Interview

RSTMPA : What initially drew you to filmmaking?

Curtis : I was born in 1974 in England, and my mother was a single mother. Once a week she would do the groceries, and I would go to the cinema alone from an early age.
It was the blockbuster era, I saw Superman, Grease, The Empire Strikes Back. Alien and Jaws. That set me up to see the quality of the silver screen and you see in my writing a more global approach.


RSTMPA : Who are your filmmaking influences, and how do they inspire your work?

Curtis : Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick really touched me when I was watching their work. Disney productions also had an impact. Recently Quentin Tarantino also reached out to me about his method of film writing.


RSTMPA : What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an independent filmmaker?

Curtis : I have written multiple genres. I am working on my 12th genre now. The aim is to write 20 scripts. The challenge for me is to find a plot and storyline per genre, but it is not too difficult for me.


RSTMPA : What advice do you have for aspiring independent filmmakers on building a strong crew?

Curtis : It is good to show appreciation of your crew. If you could get subsidies and sponsorship, that should aid paying everyone fairly. Each project is like your baby, so you should try to get the best outcome for your projects.


RSTMPA : What strategies do you use to get your films seen by a wider audience?

Curtis : I try to reach out to the masses. My work should take each viewer on a journey, and everyone’s journey is different. If you can get your viewers to watch later projects from your work, they will tell others about your film writing and you will have a bigger audience.


RSTMPA : What are your thoughts on the future of independent cinema in the digital age?

Curtis : Digital age is now our presence. It is good to stay modern thinking, but the classical mindset is also a bonus in today’s market.


RSTMPA : Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your winning film?

Curtis : I am a smoker, and these days, smoking is seen as a negative factor. I wanted to write a positive concept about smoking cigarettes and I think I succeeded in that task.


RSTMPA : Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited to work on?

Curtis : I am writing a period drama now. It is a heavy plot, but to bring people of today’s world back in time, only makes your work more interesting. My next project is a dimensional parallel plot and I am excited about writing this script.

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