Since the beginning of last decade, we have observed that the number of film productions have increased tremendously. The number of film festivals also have increased exponentially to grab the market. Today it is a challenge for filmmakers to check the authenticity of a festival.

We at RSTMP value and respect the effort of creative geniuses. So we have started our ‘Festival Affiliate Programme’.

In this programme we gather all the important information of a festival like the registration of the organization, It’s country of origin, Running years, fee structures, commitment towards the submitter, it’s corporate code of ethics etc.). Through the vigorous analysis we check the authenticity of the applied festival. After all the legit verification the applied festival gets affiliation of RSTMP for one whole year. Festivals can renew their affiliations and ‘Verified Badge’ with time.

rstmp seal

Tangible benefits of RSTMP affiliation:


  • Affiliated festivals will receive affiliation certificates and authenticity verified badge from RSTMP. Festivals can use their badges for the promotion of festival (on Banners, Posters etc.)
  • The festival will be listed on our global directory.
  • Affiliated festivals will receive weekly industry updates and best practice guidelines from RSTMP.
  • Every year RSTMP will review and select top 10 affiliated festivals and provide them recognition.
  • The festival will receive all sorts of strategic and operational support once it is required.
  • An article will be published on the affiliated festival on our ‘Festival News’ section and will be circulated among millions of filmmakers from our global database.