“CASE #3809 – The Eldritch Mortician”

Directed by Jose Evangelista | Reviewed by Kamalika Sarkar

“CASE #3809 – The Eldritch Mortician” is a crime story OF 16mins 37secs runtime directed by an emerging filmmaker Jose Evangelista, a recent graduate with an AA degree in film. Jose is a young director from United States of America.  In spite of being a student filmmaker he has created a remarkable suspense thriller in form of animation.


The opening scene features a young girl of 7 years who accidentally encounters her mother’s car in front of a weird house. She found her mother’s mobile phone in the car and in the urge to search her mother she ran into the house calling for her mother. And what she discovered there made her stunned. The girl irrespective of her age has been portrayed as a smart kid with presence of situational sensibleness. The entire story revolves around her. How she deals with the unfortunate mishap to her life is the centre of attraction of the movie.


The film is of animation genre and I must say that as a debut film it is no less than outstanding in any aspect. Each and every scene gives the feeling of a real thriller. Viewers often feel that an animation movie cannot bring out the real emotion in its presentation. But this movie is an answer to all those thoughts. While watching the movie you would never feel that you cannot relate with the real emotion, in every twist and turns you will feel the excitement and thrill of reality. Even the characters are so well portrayed and managed.



The background music has added an extra punch to the whole plot with an extremely suspenseful sound all through. Even the opening scene that portrays the girl who was returning home was set in a proper background. In order to represent the girl’s casual mood she was set in an action with humming a song. Just a casual home returning girl would do. All these minute details were noticed efficiently by the director, which is truly appreciable.


The portrayal of the mortician is also remarkable. The atrociousness of the wicked mortician is well represented in the film. The way of murders well depicts his wicked character and all that is portrayed in a realistic way. Moreover it reflects the essence of a psycho-thriller in an organised way.


Overall, the movie is an excellent artwork depicted elaborately within a short span of time. Such a detailed interpretation of an intense story within a limited span of time represents the creative excellence of the director, Jose Evangelista. The entire movie is well co-ordinated and created with proper agreement to time, place and action criteria. It also promotes a social awareness and a good lesson for young kids on how to act rationally in a current situation without being panic. Undoubtedly, this film justifies all the good directional elements along with appropriate theme and sound setting. The director deserves applauds and appreciation as a debutant in each and every aspect ranging from the plot to presentation.


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