Indian Cinema impact on Hollywood- Business Market

An article by Kamalika Sarkar


Indian Cinema: Bollywood impact on Hollywood- Business Market

Indian movies have always been a profound source of culture, critic, drama and intellectual content at its best. India produces more than 1700 movies every year in more than 20 different languages.

Compared to the Hollywood movie release it is more than double the number. Hollywood produces nearly 800 movies per year. Director Mehboob Khan making his debut with the first worldwide release of his movie Aan in 1952 starring Dilip Kumar and Nimmi, made a remarkable achievement in the history of Indian Cinema. Moving to Bollywood Movies we must mention that Hindi film industry; to be more precise; is known as Bollywood.



Mumbai is the abode of the Bollywood movies. Among the 1700 Indian movies released each year more than 200 counts for hindi movies.  The Bollywood movies are the core of Indian cinema which is globally appreciated and brings the maximum amount of revenue. Indian cinemas though are not only confined to Bollywood itself. Being a diverse land of different religion and culture India also holds the diversity in its Film Industry as well. Film industry or Motion pictures industry are directly related to filmmaking, screenplay, script writing, production, direction and acting. Indian film industry is categorized as:   Bollywood: The Hindi film industry,Pollywood: The Punjabi film industry,  Chholywood: The Chhattisgarhi film industry,Tollywood: The Bengali film industry,Kollywood: The Tamil film industry,Mollywood: The Malayalam film industry,Sandlwood: The Kannada film industry,Jollywood: The Assamese film industry, Ollywood: The Oriya film industry, Sollywood : The Sindhi film industry, Dhollywood: The Gujarati film industry.


Among these 11 Indian film origins the most popular one is the Hindi film industry: The Bollywood.  Bollywood movies have worldwide connections and popularity. In India the Hindi movie industry brings near about 50% of the net film revenue than any other language. Bollywood movies have a remarkable business market across the world, especially in Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Till now Dangal, directed by Nitesh Tiwari and produced jointly by Amir Khan, UTV motion pictures and Walt Disney studios has been the most revenue generating movie in Hindi language globally which counts for 340 million dollar till now.


Hollywood Connection

The global success of Indian movies since the ages, have turned up many Hollywood production houses to produce Indian movies; specifically Hindi movies. The renowned production houses like Sony, Viacom, Fox Star studios, Warner Bros and many more international houses are producing Hindi movies from years. Sony was the first production house from Hollywood to co-produce the  bollywood movie Sawariyaa. Sony has also co-produced movies like We are a Family and Tere Sang. Fox Star is another renowned Hollywood production house which had produced award winning films like Slumdog Millionaire, Bang Bang, My name is Khan and many more. Another important production house is UTV Motion pictures which is jointly owned by Walt Disney and UTV Software Communications had also produced bollywood films like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani , Race 2, Kai Po Che and many more. The fame of Indian cinema is not only confined to this. Indian cinema has also made us proud globally in many other aspects such as winning an Oscar. From ages Indian filmmakers have proved to be the creative performer in their content and won honorary awards. Satyajit Ray is undoubtedly remarkable in this aspect that bagged an Oscar for Pather Panchali in 1992.





Indian Stars in Hollywood

Not only Indian movies have earned name and fame in the Hollywood market but also Indian movie stars have made them shine in the Hollywood sky. Renowned Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachhan , Irfan Khan, Anupam Kher, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Aishwariya Rai and many more have shown their talents in the Hollywood movies. Our Miss Universe Aishwariya Rai has been one of the most popular Indian celebrities to influence the global film world. It is a pride for the Indians that she has leads the movie based on Austin’s novel Pride and Prejudice, which was released in both Bollywood and Hollywood with the same star cast. Another mentionable name is Amitabh Bachhan, the Big B of Bollywood industry was definitely not left behind in this trend of being a part of the Hollywood. This Bollywood legend made his debut with the Hollywood movie The Great Gatsby and his co-star was none other than Leonardo Dicapio. Even Leonardo Dicapio couldn’t help but praising this Bollywood legend. The name of Irfan Khan surely needs a mention in this field. World cinemas have witnessed his talented acting in Hollywood movies like The Namesake, Inferno and Life of a Pi. It would be an injustice to the readers if I don’t mention Priyanka Chopra, the fashion diva into this article. Priyanka has always proved an independent lead to the Bollywood industry and she has equally left her trail in the Hollywood also. Her mentionable roles in Baywatch and Quantico are a gem for India.


The fame of Indian cinema and its impact on global cinema world is really impossible to bring down in few words. The treasure of India cinema and Indian actors are worthy of all the time and renowned across the globe. Indian cinema has long been proving its importance not only in India but also in Hollywood. It’s a pride to achieve this fame and keep it going with this flowing time, which is well maintained by the Indian cinema.


 Kamalika Sarkar is post graduate in English literature from the University of Kalyani. Her writing has been a passion since college days which made her choose writing as a profession. Presently she is working as a Content Writer in Human Lab Corporation. She is a creativity lover and her other interests include music and art.


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