“Probaho” directed by Samiran a Bengali term translating to “perhaps” or “maybe,” is a feature film that delicately explores unexpressed emotions, unfolding through the perspective of Priya (portrayed by compelling Mrittika), whose eyes convey hope and eventual heartbreak.


The film opens with a carefree Priya, her laughter echoing as she and her sister celebrate a fallen kite. This innocent joy sets the stage for Priya’s journey, one filled with yearning and the tentative blossoming of young love. When a group of boys enter their house to retrieve the kite, a silent connection sparks between Priya and one of them. Mrittika beautifully portrays this connection through subtle glances and lingering smiles, hinting at the unspoken emotions blossoming within Priya.


Life throws Priya a curveball. Financial burdens force her family to send her to the city, a decision that casts a shadow over her newfound hope. But then, a small act, a gift from the boy, reignites a flicker of possibility.


The city brings a chance encounter with Rahul, the same boy from before. Mrittika’s expressive eyes shine with excitement as Priya sees a familiar face in the bustling metropolis.  Rahul offers her a job, an anchor in this unfamiliar world. Priya, ever hopeful, readily accepts.


As days turn into weeks, Priya’s actions subtly reveal her growing affection for Rahul. Mrittika portrays this beautifully, a shy touch here, a lingering gaze there. The audience, along with Priya, is caught in a delightful web of uncertainty. Is Rahul’s kindness a mere act of friendship, or is there something more?


The answer arrives like a blow, shattering Priya’s dreams. Certain revelations about Rahul leave her world crumbling. Mrittika delivers a powerful performance here, showcasing the vulnerability that lies beneath Priya’s hopeful exterior.


Probaho’s strength lies in Mrittika’s portrayal of Priya. She doesn’t need grand gestures or dramatic pronouncements. Her nuanced expressions and subtle actions paint a vivid picture of a young woman navigating the complexities of love and loss. The film leaves a lasting impression, not just for its beautiful visuals, but for the emotional journey we take alongside Priya. It’s a testament to Mrittika’s talent that she can evoke such a depth of emotions within the confines of a feature film.

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