Sonata For A Calendar | Review

“Sonata For A Calendar,” directed by Carmen Rosa Vargas, is a timeless short film presented in captivating black and white. The story revolves around Alphonso’s daily routine, meticulously programmed to follow a specific order in his home. However, a sudden turn of events leads him down a dark path, transforming him into a captive.

This film stands as a true cinematic institution, providing valuable lessons in storytelling through its use of aspect ratios, cinematography, sound, and music to build tension and create an immersive atmosphere. Notably, it showcases the art of crafting a compelling film with only one actor and a single location while making the perfect casting choice.

The script is masterfully written, presenting its themes in a fresh and engaging manner. Alphonso’s character resonates with viewers, fostering an emotional connection that profoundly impacts the audience. The music score harmoniously complements the story, setting the tone and ambiance while adding an extra dimension to the film. The inclusion of Beethoven’s track further elevates the overall experience.

Carmen Rosa Vargas’ brilliance as both writer and director is evident in the film’s striking black-and-white cinematography, creating a visually powerful and exquisite connection with the audience. The absence of color enhances the movie’s theme and tone, leaving a lasting impression.

Oswaldo Salas delivers an exceptional performance as “Alphonso,” deserving of applause for his convincing portrayal. Carmen Rosa Vargas, too, deserves commendation for her magnificent and artistic work, setting a shining example for aspiring filmmakers and students.

In conclusion, “Sonata For A Calendar” is an exceptional movie that comes highly recommended. It offers a delightful and relatable experience, making it a must-watch for all movie enthusiasts.

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