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Category : Amateur Film WINNER The nurse's whistle Directed by Jacques MICKE France - Category :Best Actor WINNER No War Acted by Enzo Zelocchi Italy - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Goodbye Acted by Andrei Cosmin Romania - Category : Best Actress WINNER Diary of a Psychotic cat Acted by Svetlana Tyutyunik United States - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Goodbye Acted by Andrea Chelesu Romania - Category : Best Cinematography WINNER The Muse Cinematographed by Ilya Saveliev United States - Category : Best Director WINNER Franklin's Comedy Book Directed by Franklin Marshall III United States - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD No War Directed by Enzo Zelocchi Italy - Personality Counseling Center at 0 Avenue Directed by Mingu Kang Korea, Republic of - Category...

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Written by Ellie Mae Louise Smith | Reviewed by Barry John Terblanche

Synopsis: Mae, is a 12-year-old girl, who is a very strong Christian. She goes to church twice a week, always volunteering where she can, and always helps others. Her dad, early '40s, James Smith, was once a church-loving child himself - until his mother passed away from cancer when he was just, 12. Leaving him to live with his newfound alcoholic father, who also stopped in his belief after his...

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