Amethyst Girl Destiny | An Interview With Danielle Hobbs

A successful black dance and wellness coach who has been haunted by nightmares of fire expulsion seeks therapy to find the minimal life. But one sudden day she realizes that she is gifted with some super power which she uses them to save the country from a deadly missile.


Danielle Hobbs  is  a Award winning  creator, producer and actor. Recently she is engage in publishing her first children book.


1.RSTMPA – Your film ‘Amethyst Girl Destiny’ is very intense and interesting film, with amazing storylines. How did you come up with the idea?

Danielle –  I have always been told that I have strong intuition, and decided to try writing a film about a girl, chosen, that felt energy tell her stuff that no one else knows.  It was a purposeful piece while I listened to “Power beyond Measure,“ by Marianne Williamson.


2.RSTMPA – What were the biggest challenges you faced in writing this script?

Danielle – Not many challenges with the script, because I am a lifelong learner, I knew it needed work, and don’t shy away from that.  Plus I was working with a great consultant producer for her MFA in Producing, Folake Kehinde, from New York Film Academy.  She made sure I knew what needed work, or revamping and I just did it.



3.RSTMPA –  Do you think filmmaking or script writing should be learned from some special courses?

Danielle –  Both, I believe that if you can do some self – or satellite classes it will help.  You can get also so many resources for your projects.  With Folake being in NYFA, I was able to buy book on Amazon, one called, “Shaking the Money tree, about film finance.”


4.RSTMPA – What drove you to become a screenwriter?

Danielle –  I wrote this film as a way to get back into the acting game.  I have a resume that looks like I am awesome but lacked up dated work.

5.RSTMPA – To this, what advice would you give aspiring screenwriters?

Danielle –  Always keep going,  you will have start up times, and sometimes quiet times.  Learn to use your energy ins the most productive and positive way.  My Director told me he didn’t want to talk to me about my project till I had the money for it, because when the funds come up, folks will be on board anyway.   So I went off and did my own work.  I went and did some relationship building, and then nothing came through, Covid came, I was able to get a GRANT and pay for my short.  Always try to look under every rock of funding opportunities, for some of them will be very unconventional, and NEVER never give up on your project.



6.RSTMPA – It is very difficult and challenging to be in the epidemic situation and continuing the work. What is your plan to take your efforts forward?

Danielle –    Since I got the funding from COVID Grant for small business, I stayed in the same direction and incorporated myself as a 501c3, Dream it! Do it! Danigirl! productions


 7.RSTMPA – What is your favourite genre? What do you prefer versatility or specialization?

 Danielle –    I LOVE ROM-COMS, Dance movies, and Especially SCI-FI like Amethyst Girl Destiny


8.RSTMPA –  Who or what was your source of inspiration for the film? : How much time did it take right from writing the story to getting it on the floor to finally getting the film done? Is there anyone you would like to mention who has helped and supported you throughout the project?

Danielle –   Debbie Allen, Michelle Obama, Orpah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Ava Duvernay, Steven Spielberg, and Melony Hobson, and Nelson Mandela were my inspirations.  I just remember feeling like, what if you were the person that people’s energy magnates to, to help them align themselves with their best when I dance.  I think it also comes from being a choreographer for Beyonce and Shakira, and doing musical theatre.  As a choreographer you spend a lot of your time not just making up steps, but helping artists feel their best to do EXCEPTIONAL performances, no one else can top.  So I naturally give a lot of my power and talent of being present to a lot of people.


9.RSTMPA – Any legendary filmmaker whose work motivates you in a special way, or encourages you to do new ventures or writing scripts?

Danielle –   I love to create Diverse works, that are dealing with NEW stories for once, like Black Panther, we are super heroes, that Dance, and Write, and LOVE to create NEW works for people to say, yes, it doesn’t have to be just the same ignorant narrative.  There are Black Super hero stories out there, of people that heal people when they are living their truth and they are talented too.


10.RSTMPA – What is your next project? Have you already started working on it?

Danielle –   Right now I am self-publishing my first Children’s book, and will love to turn it into a animation show, “Dream it! Do it! Danigirl! Adventures”. I will keep you posted.  I am always doing something, just being about my Father’s business.  NEVER GIVING UP!!!!  Your story may be the only LIGHT someone needs to keep it moving in this dark time we are in.  That keeps me going.



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