Fake News| An Interview with Joachim Weber

Fake News is based on two old microprocessors Willy and Jimmy conversation. They have been retired for 20 years, growing old, but also slowly becoming senile.


Joachim Weber is a successful Producer,  Director & Writer. He is one of the Judges of Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival Jury.


1.RSTMPA – Above of all, a big congratulation on your victory! How do you feel about winning the RSTMP Awards on Animated Films category?
Joachim – That was a nice price, I liked it very much!


2.RSTMPA – Why did you chooseFake News” as your title?

Joachim – Because I wanted to parody the white house, especially the press briefing room with its eccentric speakers.



3.RSTMPA – Would you please tell us your story behind making this film?

 Joachim  – The story behind the film is easy to tell, it is the story of the political inaccuracy of the Trump administration at the time.


4.RSTMPA – Do you think filmmaking or script writing should be learned from some special courses?
Joachim  –
No, I definitely don’t think so, writing and, above all, the ideas for a script cannot be learned in special courses, you have to carry that within yourself.



5.RSTMPA – What drove you to become a Director?

Joachim – I am a filmmaker and I love films, of course only if they are well done.



6.RSTMPA – What would you like to say to the aspiring filmmakers dreaming of building a career in the film making profession?

 Joachim –  Work, work, work and be extremely creative.



7.RSTMPA – It is very difficult and challenging to be in the epidemic situation and continuing the work. What is your plan to take your efforts forward?

Joachim –   We mostly make films on the computer, so the pandemic is not that relevant.


8.RSTMPA – What is your favorite genre? What do you prefer versatility or specialization?

Joachim –   I would say versatility.



9.RSTMPA –  Who is/are your favorite contemporary filmmaker’s?

Joachim –   Everyone who turns good material into good films.


10.RSTMPA –  What is your next project? Have you already started working on it?

 Joachim –   Yes, I’m working on a new project, it’s called “Last Call” and it’s about climate change, global warming, the topic of our time!










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