Five Eyes Bug

Directed by Karan Dhillon | Reviewed by Madhumita Ghosh

A colourful close-up of thriving bees, emanating the different colours of nature show the trials of honeybees in life on Earth. They are magnified to epic proportions in an excellent documentary by Karan Dhillon, “Five Eyes Bug” who give us an in-depth look into the fascinating world of these beautiful creatures.


The beginning of the film shows the audience how a bee’s life symbolises hard work and dedication; an anthropomorphic view point which gives us a parallel with our own trials and tribulations in life. The film advices us to enjoy the honey of life; which are the memories (be it sweet or painful) that we have lived through. Five Eyes Bug is very informative as it emphasizes the crucial role these five eyed creatures play in pollinating wild and native plants so they can bear fruit, constructing their colonial nests from the wax and surplus production and storage of honey that are used by human for various valuable purposes. The film shows us how this little insect contributes to all environmental, societal and economical benefits.


The audio visual gives the audience a way to understand the importance of honey bees in our everyday lives. The camera person’s excellent macro shots provide incredible depth of field and refreshing shots of the lush green vegetation and every other little element of nature is brought forth with a splendour of colour and vibrance. The outstanding sound design complements the visual, this embracing the audience in a blanket of nature and sounds. Technically, the film easily soothes the eyes of the audience.

“Five Eyes Bug” leaves the viewer with a question of how the impact of our action on environment would affect the world of the bees; and as with all things in life, ultimately come around and affect human lives in return.


Bees are an extremely important proponent of nature and human life; who symbolically also remind us to enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate the little things around us. The film actually portrays how our human lives and animals are dependent on this little five eyed bug. Therefore, the film ends with a quotation from APJ Abdul Kalam, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years to live.”

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