Giulia Viero | Interview

RSTMPA : What initially drew you to filmmaking?

Guilia : I was a photographer first, then little by little I started to explore the possibility of filming. I have always seen video as the possibility of creating moving photographs! In fact, this background as a photographer is clearly visible in the filming of my documentary.


RSTMPA : Who are your filmmaking influences, and how do they inspire your work?

Guilia : I never thought about becoming a director, to be honest. And I don’t even have a great cinematographic culture. I was part of an artistic association in Turin, Italy,  the Flux Lab. Here I met the young director, Irene Dionisio. We can say that she was my inspiration and also my teacher.


RSTMPA : What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an independent filmmaker?

Guilia: The challenges are many. From economic ones to the ability to develop patience and perseverance.
Many times you realize that you are alone, so you have to learn to believe in yourself and your vision. And this is not always easy, because we all have our uncertainties and doubts.
This is why I believe that to be able to make an independent film you need to have something that you really want to say to the world.
This is the only light at the end of the tunnel of the many challenges we have to go through!


RSTMPA: What advice do you have for aspiring independent filmmakers on how to build a strong crew?

Guilia: To have very clear in your head what you want to communicate to the world.
This clarity and focus allows you, like the captain of a ship, to guide your team towards the goal.
But at the same time, having a clear goal creates space for the team to freely express themselves and their own creativity.
And in the end this will help you too, perhaps in moments of greatest confusion and discouragement. And it will enrich the final result.


RSTMPA: What strategies do you use to get your films seen by a wider audience?

Guilia: By participating in Cinema festivals that include moments of screening, in my case, not only film festivals, but yoga festivals or holistic festivals.
But I have also organized small events in my city, such as screenings in clubs, Yoga studios etc…
And then certainly social media and the internet.
But in my case it was also very useful to talk to people about my project. For example, when I went to print a movie poster for an event, talking to the guy of the shop, I discovered that he was a cinema journalist and he wrote an article about my film!


RSTMPA: What are your thoughts on the future of independent cinema in the digital age?

Guilia: I do not know really!
Maybe we could do things we can’t even imagine…5D like 5G!!
I don’t really Know, but given the speed of growth of technology and given the ever increasing possibility for everyone to create digital products also…I hope this can be followed by personal growth as human beings. A science of the Human Being.
And I believe again, it is really important to listen to each other and to understand if we really have something useful to say and share.


RSTMPA: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your winning film?

Guilia: The Silent revolution is also my personal revolution.
It’s what I live every day in my life. It’s all I teach in my Yoga classes. I believe today more than ever, we all need to rediscover values that are authentic, like peace, perseverance, joy of existing, humility, awareness.
And to do this silence, listening and compassion are needed. it is necessary to stop looking for enemies outside ourselves and start turning our attention towards our inner world.
It’s time for each of us to become responsible for the reality we want to build and share.


RSTMPA: Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited to work on?

Guilia: Not at the moment. I follow my own advice! I will think about  another film only when and if, I’ll have something to say.
I am currently experimenting a lot with sound and music, carrying out projects that combine the ritual dimension with art and vibrational sound therapy.



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