Jeff Smith | Interview

RSTMPA : What initially drew you to filmmaking?

Jeff: Ever since I can remember I loved watching movies. I think films can change society and the way we think as a whole. And I love the fact that my creative outlet can impact the culture for the better.


RSTMPA : Who are your filmmaking influences, and how do they inspire your work?

Jeff: Is would have to say David Yates. I love the style of his films and his direction. The way he put magic on the big screen is mind blowing. He Inspires me to be creative and explore possibilities


RSTMPA: What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an independent filmmaker?

Jeff: Honestly the biggest challenge is budgeting. Making a full length feature film with a low budget can be very difficult. But I thinks it’s a really good experience. It teaches you to be resourceful with what you have.


RSTMPA: What advice do you have for aspiring independent filmmakers on building a strong crew?

Jeff: Find people you can connect and communicate with. Understanding each other is key. Once you have communication and understanding you are an unstoppable force. When you connect with your crew it’s a lot easier to be on the same page of what you want to accomplish.


RSTMPA: What strategies do you use to get your films seen by a wider audience?

Jeff: Word of mouth is the biggest thing. If you have social media post about your films keep people updated and interested. Also don’t be afraid to reach out. Use the connections and contacts you have to help get the word about your project out.


RSTMPA: What are your thoughts on the future of independent cinema in the digital age?

Jeff: I think A.I has its pros and cons. It helps people with stunts and safety it can also speed up some of the digital effects done in post production. That being said we need to be cautious about how we use A.I and need to be sure not to rely on it to much.


RSTMPA: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your winning film?

Jeff: Twitter Files is based off of true events. About files released from Twitter. The film touches about our government, and constitutional rights


RSTMPA: Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited to work on?

Jeff: I have a film that I wrote called Hope that is out in JC+ and will be premiering soon. I have several other projects In post production such as best supporting actors, not a clue, great bank robbery and many others. I also have a film I wrote called A New Believer that is in the final stages of script.



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