Timmy Osoba | Interview

RSTMPA : What initially drew me to film??

Timmy : When I was young, I always liked films, I would come home everyday and I would watch about two to three films a day and also I loved to write. I’ll write short stories and I have one diary that I’ll write my thoughts about everyday and every time. I’ll write all day everyday, even when I’m in class.


RSTMPA : Who are your filmmaking influences, and how do they inspire your work?

Timmy : My number one influence is Spike Lee, when he made that his first film. What is it called!!! She’s Got to Have it. I fell in love with the film and the story line of the film, I even loved the fact that he also acted in the film too. I love it when filmmakers act in their own films. Anyway, Spike Lee is my number one influence, and my second influence is Afred Hitchcock, you know when they say that filmmakers have different styles , ” Afred Hitchcock has a style of filmmaking, especially when he made that film. Birds ‘ he definitely used a lot of style in that film my third influence in filmmaking is Francis Ford Coppola. You know when they say that, Sex sells in film, well Francis Ford Coppola uses Sex to portray a lot of emotions in his films. Like in the film, Eyes Wide Shut ” and Clock Work Orange. Sex sells in Films today and in Hollywood.


RSTMPA : What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an independent filmmaker?

Timmy : The biggest challenges I have faced is finding money for my films, you see that is one of the reasons I became a filmmaker today because of the challenges, Everyone has challenges in life. So one challenge you will face as an independent filmmaker is finding money, not that there are no other challenges but the number one challenge is to find money.


RSTMPA : What advice do you have for aspiring independent filmmakers on building a strong crew?

Timmy : My advice to aspiring filmmakers is :
1) Do your homework
2) Write the best script you can because people love good stories.
3) Do a mock budget of the script to know how much you are going to spend on making the film.
4) Make friends with as many people as you can because in the long run those friends will like what you do and they might help you.
5) Make friends with everyone you work with on your film set, because they will be able to work with you again.
6) Leave your baggage at home, why I am saying this is because. This industry is sensitive and everyone who works in the industry today, so please if you have any baggage then leave it at home. And of course if you are proud then the industry is not for you.


RSTMPA : What strategies do you use to get your films seen by a wider audience?

Timmy : The strategies I use for my films, sometimes I will either submit my films to Festivals. Since I lived in Atlanta Georgia and I made this my films I’ve been submitting my films to Festivals.


RSTMPA : What are your thoughts on the future of independent cinema in the digital age?

Timmy : Independent films will be made and Hollywood will keep buying them, more and more independent filmmakers are coming out and more independent films are being made so that Hollywood will buy them because Hollywood needs story based movies, and I think Hollywood is tired of making all these films with special effects and Visual effects, they need more story based films.


RSTMPA : Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your winning film?

Timmy : I like thrillers and that’s why I wrote this film I like the fact that there is blood and the sound of a film when you are watching it keeps the audience guessing, is not like that I don’t like all other genres, I definitely like other games but thrillers. Nothing can beat a good thriller film, I’d love to do more thrillers.


RSTMPA : Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited to work on?

Timmy : Yes I’m excited to work on another short film that I’m trying to get funding for and my first feature film that is halfway done, I’m still talking to the investors about giving me the funding to complete it. More films to come in the future..


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